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Links for Parents

Evangelism and discipleship begin in the home, and our job here at New Liberty is to strengthen families and encourage interaction between parents and their teenagers so that evangelism and discipleship can take place. As parents, you have the most influence on your children. So below is a list of three key websites that you as parents are encouraged to visit. These websites, and their twitter addresses, consistently share articles on teen culture, how to live and promote a healthy Christ-centered home and a few of them even give a Christian perspective on the teen culture's music, movies and so much more.

Focus On The Family

Twitter: @FocusFamily

Center For Parent/Youth Understanding

Twitter: @CPYU

Family Life

Twitter: @FamilyLifeToday

Links for Youth Workers

The student ministry of New Liberty Baptist Church exists to make disciples. We must all humbly admit that we do in fact need some help when it comes to this mission that we have been given. So below we have provided a few links to some websites, and their twitter addresses, to help engage your own mind while you prepare to minister to this very different and vast culture. These links will hopefully give you some great insight into the world and culture of teenagers. We believe that these articles and resources will greatly aid your teaching/mentoring approaches even while you build relationships with and disciple the next generation of Christ followers.

Youth Ministry Media

Twitter: @youthminmedia

Relevant Magazine

Twitter: @RELEVANT

The Resurgence

Twitter: @theResurgence