The Bogg is a week long camp for students, Middle School through High School. Our largest event takes place in July at Bogg Springs Baptist Encampment in Wickes, AR (Southwest area). Our students have been attending THE BOGG for over 50 years! Students leave on Sunday afternoon and then spend the next week getting away from the distractions of the world and learning to listen to God. Monday through Thursday nights we gather as a camp of around 800 people to worship God and study His Word. During the day there are smaller sessions of worship, a lesson time to discuss the week's topic and a time for church's to meet.

During the day we also have Trac Times, which are different activities the students can choose from. These include sport camp type sessions, board games, guitar lessons, zip lines, and other various other options. Monday through Thursday nights also include late night sessions - which range from concerts, comedians, and a mission night where the students can donate. You never really know what might happen during late nights. We have a great time!