The goal of the LifeGroup is to build a community with fellow believers. Our Student life groups do this by digging deeper into God's Word, eating a meal together and by doing things outside of the church as a community. Students gather in the Annex building at 5:00 P.M. The students meet to fellowship and eat a meal together that is provided by parents. The students are divided up into groups of Middle School Girls, Middle School Boys, High School Girls and High School Boys for the lesson time. After the meal, the groups break-up into different areas to study and discuss the message and scripture from the morning sermon.

Once a semester the LifeGroups also have an LG Hangout i.e. an 'off-campus night'. It is a night where they can study the Bible in a different location other than the church or even have a night where they just hang out and build their friendships with their peers and LG leaders. Some groups in the past have gone to see a movie, ate at a restaurant, played laser tag, video games or bowled. We have the off campus nights to remind them that community doesn't just happen at church but is a lifestyle for the child of God.